Tummy Fillers




Make a choice from the selection of the dishes below,



Lasagne      (6-8 serves)               45    


Zucchini Slice   (6-8 serves)      42      V, G


Quiche                        32

(Vegetarian on request)                 32      V


Chicken Pasta Bake  (6-8 serves)    45

     (chicken, broccolli, mushroom)


Vegetable Frittata   (serves 8)         45     V


Various Soups and bread                  5.60  pp


Chicken Schnitzels                           4.50   ea

Pasty Slice  (veg on request)           13 (6 slices)



V - vegetarian      G - gluten free when requested









Creamy Potato Bake      (6-8 serves)    25 per tray





Traditional Coleslaw

Asian Coleslaw


Chunky Potato


Tangy Noodle


Green Tossed



Price depending on size.