Antipasto Platter



Chicken or Chicken and Meat

Delicious cold chicken, or chicken, ham, beef and kabana served on Gourmet lettuce with tomato, cucumber, carrot and egg.


sm-med  $50                Large $58


Seasonal Fruit

Juicy pineapple, rockmelon, watermelon, strawberries, grapes kiwi and other fruits in season.


small   $52                   Large $58


Cheese Selections

Quality cheese and brie, grapes, strawberries, quince paste or nuts and dried fruit or dates.  Watercrackers.


small   $50                   Large $65



Various cold meats, olives, roasted capsicum, artichokes, fetta, sundried tomatoes, dolamades and grapes


                                  Large only  $70 

Zucchini Slice Platter    Veg   (GF if requested)

Bite size pieces of zucchini slice nestled amongst lettuce tomato cucumber and other salad goodies.


                                   $55 one size